A new year means new fashion trends, even for the triedand-tested denim category. From new fits and washes to the
staples getting a high-fashion makeover, here’s a look at the
top five denim trends for 2024.

Low and Slouchy
Jeans are getting looser, and rises are getting lower. Enter
the must-have fit for the year: the low and slouchy jean. A
marriage between comfort and fashion, the relaxed, fluid fit
offers consumers a wearable way to get in on the low rise
zone. Expect to see vintage altercations of the fit gain
traction with consumers buying a size or two up to get the
hip-hugging, slouchy effect.

Pale Washes
Designers are trying to change that for 2024 with a focus on
pale washes. Wide-leg, light-wash jeans have
complemented pastel tops for spring this season. A pale
wash is certain to enhance exaggerated silhouettes. For, the
barely blue washes add to the luminance of crystal- and
pearl-embellished jeans and jackets.

After years of ultra-clean finishes and efforts to make jeans
more durable and versatile, designers are cycling back to
ripped effects. The trend complements ongoing grunge and
’90s themes, as well as consumers’ love for all things that
look vintage and worn.

Capri Jeans
With Y2K buzzing around every corner of fashion, the Capri
jean was bound to make an appearance. Capri Jeans serve
up the style with a fitted silhouette and acid wash.

So what style type are you picking up for the year?

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